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Popular Add-Ons To Consider For Your CPAP Machine

Popular Add-Ons To Consider For Your CPAP Machine

Popular Add-Ons To Consider For Your CPAP Machine – A CPAP machine is an essential part of many people with sleep apnea. It helps keep them breathing comfortably and gives them a good night’s rest. Over the years, CPAP machines have gone through a lot of improvements.

The extra accessories you can buy for a CPAP machine can make a difference. There are many things to consider before making that next purchase. The problem is there are so many accessories to go over, and you may not know which will be best for your needs.

To save you time, we’ve compiled this list of add-ons for your Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask.

Nasal Pillow Mask Add-Ons

1. Humidifier

CPAPs compress and cycle air through your mask. You will likely breathe in dry air when the air in your home is dry. The result can be dry, irritated sinuses and a dry throat the following morning. A CPAP machine humidifier can help you minimize this problem.

Humidifiers are essential to CPAP machines because they can help reduce congestion and dryness in the nasal passages during sleep. A humidifier attaches to the hose of your CPAP machine and increases moisture in the air that the mask delivers to your face. This helps keep your nasal passages moist and prevents them from drying out while you sleep.

2. Sanitizing Machines

Your Nasal pillow mask will also come with instructions on sanitizing every component. You can simplify the process so you can always keep your CPAP clean and sanitized. A CPAP sanitizing machine automatically cleans your CPAP mask and hoses by running a cleaning cycle. Every morning, just put your mask and hose into the machine, press the button, and everything will be ready and safe at night.

3. Mask Cushion

A new Nasal pillow mask user may have trouble adjusting to the mask. Investing in mask cushions will help minimize distress and sleep trouble while wearing your CPAP mask.

You can fit almost any type of face mask with a cushion. If you have sensitive skin, these will help prevent irritation and breakouts.

4. Travel Case

Whenever you travel, make sure you take your CPAP with you if you stay overnight. Although you can pack the machine in your suitcase, it will take up a lot of space and isn’t as well-protected.

A case built for your CPAP model can reduce the risk of damage to your CPAP during travel. You won’t have to worry about the machine getting damaged while in the case.

5. Heated CPAP Tubing

People who use CPAP with humidifiers sometimes experience “rainout,” which is water accumulating inside the hose, making it difficult to use. Heat-controlled CPAP tubes eliminate rainout by controlling temperature and humidity.

6. CPAP Hose Lift

Active sleepers often struggle with tangled CPAP hoses as they move at night. You can use a CPAP hose lift to prevent the CPAP tubing from lying beside you during sleep.

7. CPAP Filters

Filters on CPAP machines are designed to reduce fine dust and other dust particles that cause throat and nose irritations. You can choose from single pairs to multiple packs of CPAP filters.

Depending on their purpose, some are reusable while others are disposable. Also, they filter out different particulates depending on their size. Besides the type of CPAP machine you have, your CPAP filter should be suited to your lifestyle, such as if you have pets who may add dust and allergens to the air you breathe.


No matter which CPAP machine you have, there are at least a few add-ons that you might add to it. Each CPAP machine comes with its own set of features. However, they rarely include everything you need to ensure the best sleep possible.

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